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Thanks for your site, it was really nice going through the pages and learning so much about my two favorite animated characters.I'll be coming back again sometimes...
Pia, FRANCE. - Tue Nov 12 8:28:33 EST 2002

I really like this web site. Sean the sheep is the best!
U.S. Of A - Sun Oct 13 2:13:56 EST 2002

I love Wallace and Gromit. This website could use a few more pictures and links though. Wicked site!! ^_^
Ontario - Thu Aug 15 8:00:57 EST 2002

I am Wallace and Gromit's number one fan .
Daniel Whiteman, <>
- Wed Apr 3 18:01:01 EST 2002

I love Wallace and Gromit
It is great
Emma Jenny Taylor, <>
Milton Keynes - Fri Mar 22 6:52:25 EST 2002

The movie was good Wallace & Gromit.
Michael David Suminovski, <>
Australia - Fri Nov 23 22:31:49 EST 2001

cheers 4 all da pics. i really needed sum of em 4 ma media coursework. u shud add more!!! gud luk
Leicester - Thu Nov 22 5:34:35 EST 2001

I think that this page about Wallace and Gromit is very, very good!
- Wed Oct 17 19:41:42 EST 2001

hiya, i'm trying to find information on Nick Park/Aardman Animations, and can't find ANY valid email addresses to ask permission for use of info, can anyone help? Also if any additional information of any kind concerning Nick or Aardman is available i'd reeeeeally appreciate it being sent to me!! Please help i'm getting desperate! EMAIL ME:
fank oo wonderful lovelies!! xx
EmmaZ, <>
Southport, Merseyside, England - Tue Sep 4 0:57:05 EST 2001

Exellent page... all my Wallace and Grommit questions were answered on the one site. It was easy to read, nice on the eyes, and asthetically beautiful... your webpage design skills are second to none, Stephen! Well done on a GREAT page... do you work regularly on other pages? hmm.
David Burton, <>
Melbourne Australia - Tue Aug 14 17:22:38 EST 2001

Gromit id wonderful... do you think we'll ever have |Gromit meetDracula or garfield, or a Gromit Hammer Horror spoof ( a sort of modern Scooby Doo but with Gromit instead???
chris, <>
- Sat Aug 11 12:58:02 EST 2001

Lots of love to Wallace and Gromit. Gromit is the best dog in the whole world!!!I wish I could be Wallace to have a dog like Gromit. I find him specially lovely when knitting. I want a Gromit of mine!
Anna, <>
Barcelona - Wed Aug 1 20:38:25 EST 2001

Wow! What a great achievement. Mmmmm,so well made,so hot and funny in a good way, the Simpsons are nothing next to it. Now this web site! Way to go. And thanks for making Wallace & Gromit "real"
Sydney, <>
- Tue Jul 24 17:13:04 EST 2001

I'm a great fan of gromit! It's really cool to have some new images, and you are really great to have added the butcher_2 image in "a close shave"!!!
Janice, <>
Hong Kong - Mon Jul 9 4:34:48 EST 2001

We love Wallace and Gromit! We watch these movies over and over again, they're amazing and always make us laugh. My first dog is going to be named Gromit.
JL, <>
- Thu Jun 28 14:45:07 EST 2001

Wassup,sheep lovers! Great site.Like you all I'm a sheep mental case!Shaun is the cutest and most gorgeous sheep in the world!My house is a shrine to the sheep God himself:SHAUN!!!!!!
Shelly (sheepy) Thomas
Swansea, Wales - Wed May 2 15:26:25 EST 2001

hi to everyone who loves wallace and gromit i think that they are great
Notts, Uk - Sat Apr 7 7:55:27 EST 2001

Fantastic Web-Site and resource Stephen! Creative, interesting and offering everything that anyone could want on Wallace and Gromit! Well done
Mr Lan, <>
Melbourne, Australia - Wed Apr 4 0:29:22 EST 2001

I love Wallace and Gromit
It is great
Emma Jenny Taylor, <>
Milton Keynes, England - Mon Mar 26 8:30:03 EST 2001

From a real Wallace
I congratulate Nick the creator for not only sharing his vast talent for all of us to enjoy but for making anyone I am with a Gromit.
Catherine Wallace, <>
Sydney, Australia - Mon Feb 19 6:01:36 EST 2001

I love wallace and gromit it is so call and funny
adam lovell, <>
Somerset, England - Mon Feb 12 20:44:46 EST 2001

i looooove shaun the sheep i have shaun the sheep everything and i mean everything if u feel the same way about him e-mail me
kim toole, <>
Liverpool, England - Wed Feb 7 20:06:42 EST 2001

Always guarenteed a giggle..Congrats on a great page..thanxs
Amanda, <>
Dublin, Ireland - Sat Dec 23 21:58:40 EST 2000

wallace and gromit kicks ass
shane young, <>
- Fri Dec 22 8:22:18 EST 2000

Primeiro Wallace and Gromit, depois Chickenrun...essas animações são o máximo...idéias inteligentes e uma técnica perfeita. Just perfect!! :)
Rafa, <>
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Mon Dec 18 19:49:07 EST 2000

i love wallace and Gromit. My class recently watched it for film study in english!
Felicity, <>
Christchurch, New Zealand - Sat Dec 9 0:35:50 EST 2000

This is an awsome web page congratulations. :)
kel, <>
Sydney, Australia - Mon Nov 6 11:31:13 EST 2000

great page, needs movies
Candice, <>
Alex Hills, Oz - Sat Oct 28 2:22:10 EST 2000

Wallace & Gromit rules!!! Espacialy SHAUN the amazing sheep!
Nili Brosh, <>
Boston, USA - Sun Oct 22 16:50:28 EST 2000

Wallace and Gromit rule!
I've got all their videos and I think they're fantastic.
They so totally rock.
Yeah! Woo hoo!
Go Wallace and Gromit! yeah!
ben, <>
Colac, Australia - Sun Oct 1 13:04:26 EST 2000

i love wallace and gromit films. i'm a great fan of them. you're page is really good!!!!!!!!!!
greetings from switzerland
steffi, <>
Wil, Switzerland - Thu Sep 7 18:59:11 EST 2000

wallace & gromit really really, really cool!!!!
richard, <>
Sydney, Australia - Mon Aug 28 9:49:18 EST 2000

i love a grand day out and a close shave the best
Becky Parker, <>
United Kingdom, England - Tue Aug 8 9:30:45 EST 2000

Not only has Nick Park managed 2 produce such a brilliant set of Wallace and Gromit films
but he has also produced "Chicken Run"
a full length film, which is just as good as all of the Wallace and Gromit ones
well done for another excellent film.
Kate, <>
Manchester , UK - Thu Aug 3 15:57:47 EST 2000

Does anyone know of a new Wallace and gromit movie coming out? Or what Nick Parks is working on right now?
Lao, <>
Minneapolis, USA - Thu Aug 3 15:17:04 EST 2000

great page
glen, <>
- Sun Jul 23 18:40:38 EST 2000

EXMOUTH, ENGLAND - Sat Jul 22 17:58:33 EST 2000

i absolutely love wallace and gromit. it's a good thing we have english tv on the dutch cable. can anyone let me know when any of the films will be shown again on the bbc.
tina bout, <>
Schiedam, Holland - Sat Jul 22 12:32:15 EST 2000

You guys are the very best of the best -never stop!
Lynnie squinnie, <>
Naples, Fl - Wed Jul 12 15:31:50 EST 2000

I'v just watched your page. I really enjoyed it. When I was England to study England from September in 1998 to March in 2000, I really love Wallace and Gromit. Thanks.
Yuko Aoki, <>
Chiba, Japan - Thu Jul 6 20:09:18 EST 2000

wallace and gromit are the BEST!!! We like the wrong trousers most of all. BRO! The pengiun is super. we love them! keep up the good work.
lindsay and megan
USA - Sun Jun 25 20:11:52 EST 2000

Crackin' website, keep up the good up the good work grand lad.
Karl Parr, <>
United Kingsom - Wed Oct 6 6:52:28 EST 1999

well, it appears i'm the only fan in adelaide but at least not the whole of Australia! Great page. Keep it coming!!! :)
Belinda, <>
Adelaide, Australia - Thu Sep 30 15:39:25 EST 1999

i'm the no 1 fan and i just luv this page!!
louise marsshall, <>
Midddlesbrough, England - Fri Sep 24 9:54:51 EST 1999

I love this home page!!!i'm not good at engrish but, i enjoied it!!!
ayumi, <>
Saitama, Japan - Wed Sep 22 0:54:30 EST 1999

I love Wallace and Gromit. I would like if you any of you would be my internet pen-pal thatloves Wallace and Gromit.
Rachel, <>
New Bloomfield, U.S.A. - Wed Sep 15 18:37:52 EST 1999

Great page!!!
I love Wallace and Gromit...
Come see mine sometime!
kate, <>
Victoria, Canada - Thu Sep 2 3:10:50 EST 1999

i love wallace and gromit. my fave movie is 'the wrong trosers. i hope there will be a new movie out soon! mallory
mallory, <>
Baltimore, USA - Mon Aug 23 13:11:02 EST 1999

Holly Smith
- Sat Jul 31 19:16:55 EST 1999

No links to pages on Camenbert...,
Not even Wenslidale? (spelling?)
Top site, any news on W&G the movie?
I heard Speilberg offered Park loads of cash, but that was over a year-and-a-half ago...
R.I.Pieces, Preston (sob)
Steven Stanecki, <>
Melbourne, Australia - Thu Jul 29 1:33:17 EST 1999

shaun the sheep rules!! thank u nick park for wallace and gromit they are very entertaining
nicola richardson, <>
Stoke-on-trent, Uk - Fri Jun 25 18:41:40 EST 1999

Wallace and Gromit rules! This page is the best and has great sounds and pic! I love it!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!
Wes Perry, <>
San Diego, USA - Sat Jun 19 1:48:01 EST 1999

We are big Nick Park fans, especially Wallace & Gromit. In fact we named our two "furry kids" after the two (except we spell the female's name GROMMIT)!
R. & V. Montequin, <>
Piscataway, US - Wed Jun 16 1:27:15 EST 1999

Ever since i have seen the first film i have been hooked, keep up the work and i will be going around all the wallace and gromit sites
Alex Robertson, <>
Ipswich, United Kingdom - Fri Jun 11 4:57:42 EST 1999

Crackin' Site! I really love all the images and sounds from the short films. I used some of the images as wallpaper they come out great.
Michael Eisenstein, <>
Great Neck, U.S.A. - Sun May 30 8:53:23 EST 1999

I really really like Wallace and Gromit!
My favorite was "A grand day out"
Umanda, <>
Somewhere, USA - Mon May 10 21:00:05 EST 1999

hello! i really love your homepage!
it's really neat!!!!!!!
keep up the good work! hope to see more of them!
shinju, <>
Toronto, Canada - Wed Apr 28 21:22:08 EST 1999

I like to say that this site is well thought out. I love Wallace & Gromit very much. And I would love to see more of them
Sharon S., <>
Denver Co, USA - Wed Apr 21 3:51:19 EST 1999

I think I speak for eveyone when I say: WALLACE AND GROMIT RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sammy, <>
Milwaukie, Oregon - Tue Apr 20 23:46:41 EST 1999

Bluddy marvilaus lads, a grand job shall l say. Wallace & Gromit are the best characters in the whole world and l thank you nick for letting me share them with you! Oh & Wensleydale cheese is lovely, if l might say.
Kate Elizabeth Metcalfe, <>
Kyogle, Australia - Wed Apr 7 8:30:02 EST 1999

Wallace and Gromit are the best!!!! theyre so funny and everyone luvs 'um keep up the good page!!!!
Jared, <>
Middleboro, USA - Tue Mar 30 18:14:29 EST 1999

Wallace & Gromit are the absolute best!!! My favorite is THE WRONG TROUSERS & we love Feathers MacGraw!!! Does anyone know when a new W & G film is coming out???
Lynne & Kevin, <>
Boston, MA, USA - Sun Mar 28 2:05:18 EST 1999

Really great looking site! I have been a Wallace & Gromit Fan for years, but never really looked on the web.
Peter Hahn, <>
USA - Sat Mar 13 21:16:35 EST 1999

I just saw Wallace & Gromit for the first time a few days ago and I love them.... for the most part it's because they show cool uses of engineering and invention skills. (I'm an engineering student).
Jeremy Davis, <>
Indianapolis, USA - Wed Mar 10 0:09:05 EST 1999

I Love Your pictures! Ever since I've seen Wallace and Gromit in THE WRONG TROUSERS I've loved them. Besides Wallace and Gromit I like Feathers MaGraw
and Shaun. They're the best model-animated movies I've ever seen.
Maureen Kennedy, <>
Pittsburgh, USA - Thu Mar 4 19:00:21 EST 1999

This is a cool page but you need sounds that are more famillar and W&G music would be noce too!
Shawn, <>
- Tue Feb 16 20:35:37 EST 1999

i really like your page, keep the page updated so i can come back
vicki read, <>
Bucks, England - Tue Feb 9 16:35:14 EST 1999

i am a real wallace and gromit fan could u give me more info on what kind of art this is and what courses 2 studdy at school? take care
mary smith, <>
Australia - Wed Jan 27 6:28:34 EST 1999

I thought that a close shave was best and shaun the sheep is the qutest please make another film with all the charaters in it, it would be the best
charlotte richards, <>
Falmouth, England - Tue Jan 26 12:44:06 EST 1999

I really love watching the Wallace and Gromit films.
I think they are brilliant
Emma Jenny Taylor, <>
Milton Keynes, England - Sun Jan 17 13:16:39 EST 1999

W+G is the greatest model animated characters ever. Yer page is alright.
Zero lundquiSt
- Mon Jan 11 19:39:28 EST 1999

I very much enjoyed your Wallace and Gromit page! Keep up the great work! Cheers!
Louisa Moore, <>
Gaithersburg, US - Wed Dec 30 18:41:45 EST 1998

Wallace and Gromit rule!! This page is really cool. Keep up the great work!!
Geoff Dicks, <>
W.Collingswood, USA - Sun Dec 27 1:23:04 EST 1998

Wallace and Gromit is really groovy but our fave character would have to be Shaun-he's soo sweet! Baaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Amy Ballance and Sophie Russell
Coleraine, N. Ireland - Sun Dec 20 16:27:55 EST 1998

My husband and I discovered Wallace & Gromit late one evening while we were clicking throught the channels. We stopped when we saw Wallace & Gromit. We have been hooked since. Congratulations to Nick Park for creating such delightful characters.
Cheryl Fuentes de Rehm, <>
Milwaukee, USA - Sat Dec 19 21:48:30 EST 1998

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